What ARE these words?!?!

They are foreign to a lot of people, especially to a mum.  I don’t know about you, but as a mum to 3 gorgeous (but sometimes challenging) children, a wife, running my own business, looking after the household and finances, I struggle to find time to breathe, let alone stop!  Some days the days just disappear.  I wake at 6am and before I know it, it is 10.30pm and I am exhausted.  During that day, I have been on the GO, non-stop (oh, there IS the quick lunch of 10 mins in and amongst doing something else).  It is insane!

Fortunately, I have realised a long time ago that I NEED to stop, I need to do it for my own wellbeing (and yes, sometimes I forget, but hey, I’m not perfect, I’m human, and that’s ok).  So I understand that I need to stop for my physical body, for my emotional body and for my spiritual body.  If I don’t stop and allow my body to catch up, to breathe, to be still, it suffers.  For me, that means restless sleep (or no sleep as my mind and body is so wired up from the day), pain in my physical body (because I have pushed it so much without it being able to have a pause), anxiety (due to rushing around all day and not allowing my body to be still and take those deep breaths that calm the body), frustration (not giving myself some self-care).

So, I make sure that in some part of my day I allow myself to STOP.  That can be in a lot of different ways, my absolute favourite is at the end of the day (after dinner, dishes, lunches, etc….. have been made) I take myself into my bedroom and meditate for 15 mins.  Ahhhhh….. Bliss…..  Imagine, after a day of constantly going, going, going, you just STOP…., there is quiet, there is stillness….  I literally feel my physical body catch up, I feel it start to slow down and catch its breath.  I hear my mind start to quieten, the chatter in my mind starts to disappear.  I feel my breath deepen, as it was holding its short shallow breaths during the day and now it has the space to deepen into the long, relaxing breaths that calm my body.  My body thanks me, my mind thanks me, my spirit thanks me.

I have lots of different ways that allow me to STOP and be STILL, another absolute favourite of mine is being in nature amongst trees, lying down on the grass, bare feet, connecting with our beautiful earth and its sparkly energy.  Breathing in all that nurturing fresh air and releasing all the busyness in my body, letting it go.  My body instantly calms, relaxes and becomes still…..  Ahhhh….. Bliss….

Or it can even be something as simple as sitting in silence and enjoying a warm cup of tea…..  Stopping.  Stillness.  Ahhhh…. Bliss….

Without the stillness or allowing ourselves to stop, we actually become stuck.  Stuck in the busyness and the rushing around and stuck in the thoughts that continue to rush around in our heads.  If your life is super busy, then it would be an absolute MUST that you make time to STOP.  Make the time to be STILL.  Those 15 mins of stillness will make a world of difference to you.  It will actually give you more clarity, focus, energy, which will actually help you to get through the busyness of your day in a more positive space and more productive way.

You are in control of your Well-being, so do what you need to, to keep it in the best possible shape! 


Second chance at LIFE!

I have decided that I need to write about our car accident as part of my own healing journey and to help me let it go….  So this is purely about acknowledging, feeling, embracing, healing and letting go.  This is what I need to do for ME…..


Started the day off early at 4am on Sunday 23rd October 2016 to participate in a 35km fundraiser walk for Mito with my friends. Completed the walk in 6 hours and we were so happy to have accomplished it (and in the rain)!  My beautiful husband and three children decided to meet me at the finish line with huge smiles, hugs and praises of congratulations!  It was such a great feeling having them there waiting for me.  And even better with my youngest daughter Kiara running towards me and wrapping her arms around me for a huge hug and walking through the finish line with me!  Such a special moment.


Chatting and walking very slowly (because of my very sore legs) me and my family made our way to the car and started to drive home.  It was such an enjoyable drive, more chatting, laughing and me saying how much I am reeaallllly looking forward to a soak in the bath with some salt crystals to soothe my tired legs. 


Then, crunch!!!!


The next few minutes felt like an eternity and a blur mixed in with the reality of the severity of what was happening….   John yelled, slammed on the brakes just as another car started making a U turn directly in front of us whilst we were travelling on an 80km road…..  We didn’t stand a chance.  We slammed into the other car, crunch! The sound of the airbags all going off, my head and left ear slamming into the airbag, the sensation of being weightless in the air, in a car, and the feeling of the car tipping / flipping over, all the while knowing that it was heading onto its roof….  At that moment, I had the realisation and strong sense that if the car did flip and land on the roof, we would not make it out alive.  My heart sank, with that realisation….  We were in the air, in the car!  Husband, wife, and three children.  My family.  And the car was flipping.


Then out of nowhere I felt a pull and we were jerked and pulled down onto the road, back onto all four tyres.  The car came to a halt.  That sensation of crashing back down to the ground, from God knows how high in the air, was what snapped me back into my body (or so it seemed).  I got my senses back, I immediately heard the screams of my children in the back seat and noticed the smoke inside the car.  John was yelling at us to get out of the car!  I turned in a panic and asked my children if they were ok, at a glance they all seemed to be in one piece.  Screaming and crying hysterically, but in one piece.  I kept saying to them, “it’s ok, it’s ok, we’re ok.  Quick, let’s get out of the car, quick”.  The smoke in the car worried me and John kept yelling at us all to get out of the car.  It wasn’t until later that he explained why? All the airbags had gone off which was an absolute blessing, however that also meant that John couldn’t see out of the windows as they were blocking his view.  He didn’t know where we had landed on the road and he was worried that we may have been on the path of oncoming traffic.  Well, he was right, we ended up on the other side of the road facing oncoming traffic, but miraculously, there were no cars coming down the road at that time! 


So I pushed my jammed car door open and got out as quickly as I could, helped my screaming, crying, terrified kids out of the car and we moved over to the side of the road. All the while checking the kids physical bodies, hugging them, asking them if they were ok and what hurt?  There were minor injuries but they were all in one piece. John and I were the same.  We all hugged and didn’t want to let go.  We were alive.  We were alive. 


The driver of the other car ran over to our side of the road and started yelling at John for causing the accident!  His wife did carthe same!  As I was hugging my hysterical kids I called the police.  We told the other driver and his wife to move to their car as we all waited for the police, in shock and with hysterical kids, which felt like hours, but may have only been a few minutes.  The police arrived, did what they had to do, fined the other driver on the spot (as he was at fault), called the ambulance and assessed the scene.  As I watched, I noticed that the police woman was checking out the road, and that’s when I noticed that there were no skid marks on the road, apart from where we had landed.  We had travelled, in the air, from one side of the road to the other! And managed to all walk out of the car, alive, and in one piece!      


There was a man who had witnessed the whole thing and he had come over to help us.  He shared with me exactly what he saw.  He said that we didn’t stand a chance, the other car had pulled out directly in front of us. Then our car was airborne and flipping over in the air onto the roof.  He said he was watching with disbelief as it was not going to be good.  He then said that out of nowhere the car seemed to have been pulled back the other way and then came crashing straight down back onto its tyres. He said that he still couldn’t understand how that happened, because the car was in the motion of flipping…  It didn’t make any sense.  But he was so grateful that it did not flip over as it would not have been a good outcome if it had.  He said that it was as if someone was watching over us and helped us. 


Instantly, I knew that we were saved.  By who?  I don’t know.  And that’s ok.  I thanked whoever it was, and still continue to thank them. I tell my kids to thank them also, whenever they think about the accident.  Our outcome could have been very different, but Divine Intervention happened, and here we are, living and able to tell the tale.  I think about it constantly. For ALL of us to have been in such a major high speed collision car accident and ALL of us to have been able to walk out of the car in one piece, is definitely a Miracle. 


After the accident, we were assessed by the ambulance and cleared with just minor injuries which needed to be monitored over the next week or so.  So we called a family member and asked them to pick us all up to drive us home (as our car was a write off and taken away by the tow truck).  That drive home was very quiet. Walking in through our front door was surreal….  I felt like I had been given a second chance at life, I remember thinking, I may not have been doing this if our car had flipped, it may have been very different. 


Once at home, there were tears. There still are tears….  But that’s ok, as it’s all part of the healing process.  Then the process of “things to do” kicked in.  Insurance company had to be called, kids needed to be showered, fed and nurtured, clothes needed to be washed.  I organised all this and also found myself cleaning my house and then realised that I was not able to stop, the adrenaline that was running through my body was high! Remember that I had just walked a 35km fundraiser and been up since 4am that morning.  So, as I realised what I was doing…. I stopped. 


That night, John and I held our children tighter, kissed them often and told them we loved them constantly….  We were alive, together and in one piece.


The next day, no car, kids stayed home from school, our physical bodies stiff, sore and bruised and our emotional bodies raw and still in shock, we went about our day as per normal. Except with new eyes and gratitude to be alive in our hearts.  One child constantly talking about the accident nearly every hour on the hour, another child occasionally bringing it up but otherwise very quiet and the third child not saying a word, distracting himself with technology, but I could clearly see him deep in thought, trying to process what had happened the day before.  Asking them how they feel, how their injuries are, encouraging conversation, monitoring their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  Me… organising hire car, insurance, next step forward, getting kids to school tomorrow, advising the schools / teachers of what the children had just been through and to keep an eye on them when they returned…..  In a moment of silence, I decided to pull out an oracle card from my GAIA oracle card deck for some sort of explanation, information, or understanding as to why this had happened???  The card that I got was:

“Ocean of Eternal Love – Healing, Creativity, Fertility”. 

oracle card
Explanation read;
“It is said that love conquers all; this is especially true for you at the moment.
  Something is resolved and healed through love.  What was previously barren now becomes fertile.  A seed is planted and you are the co-creator.  The conditions are favourable; the timing is right; a new creation awaits you.  The birth of something new brings joy and excitement.  The forever changing seasons of eternity turn their invisible wheel and a new cycle begins.  A new image is born. 


Love heals
Love brings resolution
Love conquers
Love creates
Love is eternal


WOW!  Message received loud and clear. Thank you!  From that moment on, things changed.  Love poured into every hurt, trauma, pain that I felt. A sense of peace washed over me.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a long road ahead to try and heal from what we went through, but the road seemed a little brighter than before.  This was a new beginning…. for all of us.


That afternoon I noticed a bruise on the top of my left thigh, it was an odd shape and I was trying to figure out what could hbruise-on-legave caused it in the accident?  Nothing could come to mind, and still can’t.  As I looked closer, I realised that the bruise formed the shape of a heart.  The heart is facing me as I look down at my thigh, so it is upside down for anyone else looking at it.  (Hearts for me have always been and still are signs from spirit, loved ones, angels, the divine, especially heart shapes that appear in odd places, objects, etc…)  Instantly I realised that this was a sign, for me, to say that we were definitely watched over and helped in the accident, and that everything was going to be alright.  WOW!  Again, I thanked whoever it was that had saved us on that day and also for the heart sign as confirmation of their Divine Intervention.                



As the day progressed, I realised that my view of life had changed.  I loved listening to the sounds of my children laughing, this made me smile.  I was seeing my children through new eyes, they mean the world to me, but now this was amplified more so!  The sun came out and I found myself tilting my face into the stream of the sun, closing my eyes, and feeling the beautiful warmth of it on my skin, and smiling.  It was so good to be Alive.  It felt Amazing!


The following day was picking up the hire car and driving the kids to school day….   Sitting in my dad’s car as he drove us to the kids school was hard.  I kept asking the kids if they had their seat belts on, at least three times before I realised I was doing it, and then stopped.  The nerves in my tummy were intense and I had to focus on deep breathing just to stop myself from vomiting.  The anxiety I was feeling was high.  We dropped off the first child at school…., I took a deep breath of relief.  We drove to the other school and dropped off the other two kids….., deep breath of relief.  Still focusing on not vomiting from the sick feeling in my tummy, I was taking deep breaths and the whole time tears were welling up in my eyes…..  We finally got to the hire car place.  Picked up the car, said goodbye to my dad, sat in the car and started to drive off.  My arms were shaking, the sick feeling in my tummy was intense, focusing on deep breathing… then the emotions hit, tears started to fall and I allowed them.  As I calmed down, I saw the positive,…. I can drive.  I thought to myself, I am so lucky that I can still drive after such a horrific car accident.  Not everybody has that luxury.  Not everybody makes it out alive or in one piece.  I did.  We did.  We are blessed.  I know that the more I drive, the easier it will get, and that for now it will be a little hard….. and that’s ok.


As the days progress, the pains in our physical bodies increase, new bruises are appearing on my body every day, I have no appetite and I feel like I need to vomit all day.  My body feels like it is shaking from the inside out and occasionally it does shake on the outside too.  I close my eyes and see the whole accident again, and again, and again, I feel the sensation of being in the air and the car flipping, I hear the screams of my children and see the terror on their faces….. tears flow….. relief that we are alive and in one piece…. gratitude for life.


Life goes on, and we are left to deal with the trauma, shock, physical pain, emotions, etc as we get on with life too.  So now we are still waiting to see what happens with our car, a new car will need to be arranged and everything that comes with that.  We are looking after our physical bodies and monitoring what is happening as best we can.  We are trying to heal emotionally (the shock is extreme and has been referred to as Post Traumatic Stress) we are doing what works for each of us individually, and we are sourcing a psychologist that can support us as a family to deal with the PTS.   We are hugging each other tighter.  We are kissing each other more.  We are telling each other how much we love each other always.  Life is a wonderful thing and it can be taken away from us in an instant.  With renewed eyes, I see the world and everything in it with so much LOVE, Gratitude and excitement.  I wonder….. what does the universe have in store for us?  What special things are we here for?  We have been given a second chance at life, and we will grab it with both hands and make the most of it!  We know that we are on a long journey towards healing and that some days may be harder than others, but we keep affirming, We. Are. Alive.   


Thank you to whoever saved us in that car accident, thank you for the sign on my leg and the card, and thank you for the gift of a second chance at life!   Now to slowly heal and move forward with Love…….




2 Days.

60km walk.

6 hours walk on day 1.

6 hours walk on day 2.

4 hours sleep over a 48 hour period.

Who would of thought?


Just 1 year ago I was not in any state, physically or mentally, to embark on such a massive walk.  1 year ago, my body was in constant pain and full of inflammation.  I was heavy, carrying more weight than my body could bare.  Everyday living was taking a toll on me. My Fibromyalgia was always a constant reminder to take it easy, don’t push my body too much otherwise it would shut down for weeks!  I was living with chronic pain every day, 24/7, my energy levels were non-existent but yet I still had to push myself to be a mum, wife, run my business, all with no energy. It was a daily routine of pure exhaustion. Yet I thought that was just how it had to be forever. I had tried so many things over the years and nothing had worked. So I had resigned to the fact that, that was just the way it was.


But I found another way. And as a result I want to share it with the world in the hope that others suffering with chronic pain day in and day out can be pain free and full of energy too!


This is what I did. I detoxed my life! It was a slow process, from changing my food to things like my toothpaste, face creams, sunscreen, washing liquid for dishes & washing machine, deodorant, bathroom products, laundry products, the list can go on for miles…. I did it slowly and before I knew it, my life was transformed from being surrounded by toxins to a toxin free environment.  And I felt Amazing.


Not only was I physically healthy but I was helping to preserve our beautiful sacred earth that we are living on and helping it to heal instead of polluting it with toxins day in and day out. My heart was singing with JOY!


Also I could sleep easy at night knowing that I was doing everything I could to ensure my children were as toxin free as possible (which can sometimes be quite challenging), but I was winning!


The end result is that I was able to walk (comfortably), 60km over 2 days and raise over $4,000 for research into Women’s Cancers. Yes my legs hurt and my feet ached, but after a good nights sleep, I felt Amazing! My recovery was short and my body sprung back with ease. This in itself is a miracle! I know I can now push my body and know that it can handle it, because I have done all that I can to feed it all the right foods, exercised, removed toxins and sugars from my life. And as a result, my body is thriving from it, thanking me for looking after it. I now understand that my body is my temple and that I need to look after it, and as a result, it will look after me….


If you would like to transform your world into a toxin free environment, contact me on and I can show you how. Make a small change today towards a new world of tomorrow.


Amalia - toxin free


Manifesting your dreams

Nearly 2 years ago I turned the page of my wall calendar to reveal the next month. As I did this, the picture caught my eye. I found myself immersed in this picture which was of a mountain high in the sky. It was called Machu Picchu.  I was entranced by its beauty. So I googled it to find out more about this hypnotic place.

The more I read about this place, the stronger my feelings got towards it. A connection was being made and it was only getting stronger.

Then little synchronicities started occurring. Everywhere I went, I kept hearing about Macchu Picchu, on the radio, the tv, in a cafe… It was endless. Pictures were popping up everywhere and I was noticing them all.

Before I knew it, I found myself blurting out, I am going there this year!

Well, that comment was the start of a massive transformation for me. It was all I could think about. I researched, I read, I talked, I felt and imagined what it would be like to be standing on top of this sacred land Machu Picchu. My sense was as if I was going ‘home’….

So I braced myself and told my husband John and 3 young children that this was happening and that I just had to go to Peru this year!

John was in shock. He had many emotions come up for him, one was of fear for my safety for going to a third world country alone. It took a lot of convincing to reassure John that it would all be ok. And of course my children were devastated that I was going without them! I explained in detail how this was something “mum” just had to do and that I still loved them immensely.

Once John and the kids were on board I got to manifesting my dream into reality…. I created a vision board and on it I put everything that I wanted to see whilst over in Peru, along with a picture of myself standing on top of Machu Picchu. I placed this vision board in my bedroom above my mirror, which is directly in front of my bed. So when I went sleep at night, the last thing I saw was the vision board and when I woke up in the morning, the first thing I saw was my vision board.

Every time I saw it, it would create an emotion from me, I would get teary thinking about how it would feel to be standing on Machu Picchu.  I would be determined to make this a reality, it was fueling the fire in my belly to make this happen. I was telling everyone I spoke to that I was going to Peru that year. I was affirming, what to me, was a reality.

As the year went on, I got distracted….. I think that happens to the best of us!  I started creating huge goals (other than Peru) and got immersed in them. This meant that Peru was most likely not going to happen…. When it got to the end of the year, and I hadn’t gotten to go to Peru, I was Devastated! I was reflecting on the past year and my heart was grieving for not following it over to Peru but allowing myself to be distracted by other things.  There were what seemed like floods of tears and deep heaving as the the grief was coming out. I was shattered and it felt like my heart was broken into tiny little pieces.

It was time to reassess. So John & I had a discussion…. It was authentic, real and deep, it was as if we were talking to each other from our souls, pure honesty.  I communicated my deep desire to go to Machu Picchu and how I could not move forward if I didn’t go by the following year.  He shared his fears again, but got to a place where he understood how important this was for me. Then out of the blue he said that he wanted to come with me. I wasn’t sure what to make out of it? This was definitely not his type of holiday, his type of holiday was sitting by a pool, drinking beers, just relaxing.  I was afraid that if he came with me to Peru, he would not enjoy it and then ruin it for me.  This was a spiritual journey for me and that’s what I wanted to focus on.

Then with more communication, I realized that he wanted to come along because he knew how much it meant to me and he wanted to share it with me (even if it meant that he would be out of his comfort zone, big time)! That’s when I realized that this journey wasn’t just a spiritual one for me, but also a journey of reconnecting and strengthening the bond between John & I. This journey was also bringing John and I closer,  enhancing our bond and creating something even more special than we have ever had…

So with that, we agreed to embark on an adventure to Peru together. This was the turning point. Before we knew it we had secured flights, tours and accommodation.  This was really happening! Don’t think it was easy though….. We worked at it. We didn’t have that kind of money to spend on an overseas trip for one person, let alone two people! We had to work out where our three children would be staying and make sure that they were ok with both of us going away for 3 weeks.  We had to let go of fears that were coming up for both of us for stepping way out of our comfort zones and push past them. The difference now was though, that we were both on the same page and we were working together.

It is now two weeks until we fly out. Embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. And I look back and reflect on how this has all become a reality…..

– It all started with the turning of a page on a calendar.

– Then committing to going.

– Creating a vision board.

– Taking action steps and staying focused to make it a reality.

– Being completely authentic and honest about what was in our core, our heart.

– And finally, loving myself enough to follow my heart and allow myself to receive.  I am worthy.  I deserve this.

When I look back at my vision board,  it still blows me away….  It is a simple vision board, on a small piece  of cardboard. Nothing fancy. However, it had generated the feelings required in order to attract my desire.  This simple vision board had worked!  And we are going to everywhere I had put on it. Amazing!

I will keep you updated about our adventure and travels. But for now I will leave you with this.  Follow your heart, no dream is too big. If you dream it, it can become a reality!  You are worthy. Allow yourself to receive and then watch as the miracles abound around you! And try a vision board, if you haven’t already. Vision boards have allowed me to reach many goals in my life, and they work.

With many blessings,

Amalia xx

Peru vision board


I can see the finish line!

Amalia before and after

Me, now. Fitting into one leg of my old pants

So to date I have lost 25kg.  When I started this journey of looking after me, I couldn’t see the end… it seemed too far off.  But I was determined that I would commit to at least 21 days as a minimum.  Then, once the 21 days were finished, I committed to reach 40 days.  Before I knew it,  that had come and gone too.  I was finding this easy.  I was enjoying giving my body all the right nutrients, natural food and water that it craved.  I was feeling amazing, and as an added bonus, the weight was falling off me!  My clothes were getting looser, my skin, nails and hair were glowing and I was full of energy that I had lacked for so many years prior.  (And with 3 children, being a wife, mother and running my own business, I needed as much energy as I could get!) 

Now, 5 months since I started on my wellness journeyfor me’,……  I can see the finish line.   I am nearly there!  It blows me away that this has happened so easily (and when I say easily, I have still had to work hard at being committed, determined, super organised and focused on my goal each and every day!)   I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life, and I am turning 40 in a few weeks’ time!  Life is great!

I took out an old pair of pants I used to wear only 5 months ago, and was amazed at how BIG they are now!  Here is the photo to compare the difference of me before and after.  I pretty much fit into one leg of those pants now!  Mind blowing!!!

As a result of going on my own wellness journey, I have inspired others to do the same.  All of the people that are doing the detox & clean eating program with me are Amazing!  The one person that has surprised me the most is my mum.  After my success with the detox, she was convinced that she needed to do it also.  My mum has never done anything like this before and was very set in her ways when it came to food and her lifestyle.  So before she started I made it very clear to her that this will not work if she does not follow it, but it is guaranteed to work if she does follow it.

So she started the detox 34 days ago and every week she has blown me away!  In that time she has lost 10.5kg and 26.5cm over her entire body!  She is committed to her health and feeling the best that she can.   She loves that she can now walk without getting puffed out, tie her shoe laces up with ease and feels healthy for the first time in a long time! The fluid that she once used to struggle with throughout her entire body has disappeared and she now has her ankles back! She used to struggle to put shoes on because of the fluid that caused her feet and ankles to swell. That is no longer an issue!  She is still a work in progress, but as at today, she feels Amazing!  I am so very proud of my mum for her commitment to herself and for sticking with it!

I’m feeling very blessed that I am able to help others transform their lives to feel the most Amazing that they can feel!  They inspire me every day.

If you’re interested in finding out more about living a toxin free life, and feeling the best that you can, contact me today.

E-mail me at:

Many blessings,

Amalia  xx

Amalia before and now

Me, before and now – 25kg lighter


Iphone photo's 11-8-14 1547

My Mum – 10.5kg lighter

Iphone photo's 11-8-14 1548

My mum – 10.5kg lighter


Healthier Me

So 70 days ago I started on a journey to a healthier me.  I had had enough of being tired with no energy all the time (no matter what I tried), feeling heavy and unwell all the time, and struggling everyday just to get out of bed to do the day by day basics.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 8 years ago and I have been dealing with it since way before the official diagnosis.  Since the diagnosis I have done all that I can to manage my condition.  I managed to live life well and with as little stress as possible, resulting in minimal “flare ups” with my condition but still with minimal energy every day and pushing myself to do the day to day stuff.  But, having 3 young children, a husband and my own business, stress tends to sneak in.  And with a condition such as Fibromyalgia, stress is your worst nightmare!  Your body is already under stress and carries extreme inflammation as a result of the Fibromyalgia which means that it is always compromised.  Any additional stress or illness (such as colds, viruses, etc) that you get, pretty much tip your system over the edge resulting in your body shutting down.  This leaves you with absolutely no energy, excruciating pain, foggy head, breathing difficulties and much more.  The only cure is rest.  Literally, rest is what is prescribed.  This means that as a parent I need to ask family and friends to step in and help out with things like bringing the children to school, and all things related to children, food on the table, clothes washed & ironed, and the list goes on…..  There is nothing like being stopped by your body and then having to “surrender” in order for your body to do what it needs to, to heal itself.  As a result of this condition, I also managed to put on quite a lot of extra weight, which did not help my situation.

Being tired of the way that I was feeling, I decided to embark on a detox for 21 days. The sole purpose for me was to remove toxins from my body (because I knew that my toxin levels were extremely high while my antioxidant levels were extremely low) which was the main reason I was feeling the way that I did, unwell and struggling every day (Fibromyalgia is also a build-up of toxins in your body). I was under the care of my amazing Naturopath, who was working with me to try and balance out the toxin levels, but it seemed like a slow process and it wasn’t covering other health concerns that were still appearing.

So I committed to myself to try this detox program for 21 days.  The program is all about removing toxins from your body and environment whilst increasing your antioxidant levels. With the added bonus of losing weight along the way.

Right from the start, it was easy! Week by week I was losing weight and feeling amazing. My energy levels had increased dramatically and health issues that were previously there, we’re non-existent!  I was seeing an Osteopath to manage my Fibromyalgia neck concern every 2 weeks (for over 3 years) and I am now seeing her every 5 weeks!  This is amazing in itself!

Before I knew it, 21 days was over and I had lost 10 kilos and over 45cms from my body! My energy levels were right up there, and I felt great!  The best I had in years!  Before the detox, getting out of bed every morning was hard, because my sleep was always unsettled as a result of pain.  So I would be waking up in the morning as if I hadn’t even been asleep, not rested and not recharged for another day ahead of me.  Now, I was waking completely rested, filled with so much more energy and ready to face the day ahead of me. Amazing!

So I decided to continue to do the detox until day 40. After day 40 I went and got tested to see what my toxin and antioxidant levels were doing? Well, I was pleasantly surprised when the results came back.  Initially, this test had me off the chart with my toxin levels and nowhere to be seen with my antioxidant levels.  I was in Oxidative Stress.  What did that mean?  Oxidative Stress is an imbalance between free radicals (toxins) production and the existing antioxidant capacity of our body.  It is a condition which can lead to or accelerate the progress of diseases.  Examples of Oxidative Stress include premature skin ageing due to build-up of free radicals (toxins) in the skin, fatigue, and much more.  Oxidative Stress is a health risk, particularly if prolonged and associated with other risk factors such as hypertension, hyperglycaemia, obesity, smoking, stress, unbalanced diet and / or unhealthy lifestyle, environmental pollutants and much more.  As you can imagine, I was only 39 years young and looking down a not so very healthy future ahead according to these test results.

Well, the result of my recent test showed me in the healthy range in the chart where my toxin levels had dropped by 100 and my antioxidant levels had increased by 1.4!  This was massive! I was no longer in Oxidative Stress in Progress, but in the compensated oxidative stress range (closer to the ideal / normal status which is where I am aiming to be).  I have another test booked in for a few weeks’ time where I am hoping to be in the ideal status. And going off the last test, I have no doubt that it will be!

Aside from the fantastic results from the test, I feel Amazing!  I have now been on the program for 70 days (just over 2 months) and there is no turning back for me.  I have lost 15.6kg and 87.5cm from my entire body.  I can feel my body filled with vital energy, my organs working perfectly, I have a clear understanding of what my body wants to eat and I only want to feed it natural foods.  I am in harmony with my new lifestyle and way of being and it feels right and sits perfectly with me.

I do have clear goals for myself this year, and still have more to achieve.  I know this is a journey for me and I am realistic at the same time.  I am now even more excited about my life and am looking forward to experiencing all that life has to offer me.  For the first time in my life I am embarking on a 2 day 60km walk called The Weekend to End Women’s Cancer’s in February 2015.  I have been training now to build up my endurance and fitness levels to be able to complete the walk.  I never thought that with my Fibromyalgia I would ever be able to do something like this….  Well now, thanks to this program, I can do it and much more!

Because of the Amazing results that I have had and am still having, I have decided to become a consultant for this program to get it out to as many people as possible.  I had tried on my own for many years to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but never succeeded due to hormones, emotional eating, no energy or pure laziness.  But with this program, it has been super easy.  If you struggle also, then I believe that this program is for you.  Imagine if everyone in the world was eating healthy and removed as many toxins from their body, life and environment…. then illness & disease would not exist and the world and people in it would be a healthier and happier place!  If you’re interested in knowing more about the program, please contact me and I can give you all the information and help you get started on your journey to a healthier you!

Amalia weight loss 1Amalia weight loss 2

With love,

Amalia xx

0419 376 238







Family photo 1

This is the reason I am doing the walk and raising money
for this cause. For my children.

I have decided to do something massive for me and something I am passionate about, cancer.   I have registered to take part in The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers benefiting the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre on 28th February – 1st March 2015.  It is a 2-day, 60-kilometre walk through the neighbourhoods of Melbourne. It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m ready to do something bold and powerful in an effort to end women’s cancers once and for all.

I went through my own personal journey with pre-cancerous cells in my cervix.  This resulted in an operation and then a very long battle of trying to obtain good health once again.  If it wasn’t for the regular tests to aid prevention of cervical cancer, it may not have been picked up as soon as it did which could have resulted in a much longer battle than what I had endured.

My grandmother was diagnosed with cervical cancer many years ago and had to undergo rigorous treatment, which ended up saving her life.  She is now 88 years young and we are forever grateful that she is still with us today.

There have been many, many other family and friends that have been affected by cancer throughout my lifetime, young and old, and now I will do what I can to participate in the fight against cancer.

My commitment is based on love for my fellow sisters, mothers, grandmas, daughters, nieces, and friends everywhere. It’s based on the realisation that we each need to do our part in this fight.   I can walk.    I can raise funds to benefit Peter Mac and their efforts to end women’s cancers.    I can and choose to be a part of this movement to take down women’s cancers!

I ask you to take a stance with me and join this life-saving adventure for all women. Be a part of my very personal journey – by giving, by walking with me, or simply by sharing my story with your circle of influence. Don’t stand back and think about what you could have done – take that first step today! Take a chance with me – we have the opportunity to change thousands of lives, beginning with our own.

This isn’t just my journey – it’s yours, too.
One Weekend can change the world.

The name of our Team is “Be the Change”.  The idea is that YOU can Be the Change in the world that you want to see and live in, and every aspect of your life.  Do something today and Be the Change that you have always wanted to see.

Please support me in reaching my goal of raising $2,000 and donate, every little bit counts.  The link below will take you straight to my personal page.  Please feel free to read my page and make a donation today.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you along the way.

With thanks and gratitude,

Amalia xx

 The weekend to end womens cancers


make a wish 1I started off this year with excitement and clarity.  I have been chipping away at my goals by taking action steps towards achieving them (some small steps, others BIG).  Now, as a result of my commitment to achieving these goals, I am very excited as I have just booked my trip to South America (Peru) for later this year!!!

This is a “Massive” goal for me. I had decided I was going there last year but allowed myself to get distracted from my goal and therefore it fell to the side and didn’t happen….  As a result I felt as if I had not achieved what I really wanted to once last year came to an end.  There was a void in my heart.  I am a mother of 3 young children and our finances are not overflowing, however this year I was determined that this would not stop me.  And it didn’t!  I am going to Peru this year with my husband, the children are sorted and the finances are sorted.  The calling has been immense, and as I think about it now, there are tears rolling down my cheeks feeling the connection back to a homeland that I once belonged to from another lifetime.  My heart yearns to be back in Peru and to be standing on the sacred land of “Machu Picchu” of which I feel very strongly connected to (even though I have never been there physically in this life) and also the coming home feeling of spending time with the locals on the land.

What will make this trip even more special is that I am turning 40 years young this year.  It marks the beginning of the rest of my life and how I want to live it!  I see myself standing on top of Machu Picchu (on top of the world) with my arms outstretched and face uplifted to the sky embracing life, the universe and all that is.  Embracing all that I AM.

I am feeling very blessed and grateful at the moment.  My heart is full.  I am excited.  I am proud of myself for being committed to my dream and for taking the action steps towards getting there.  And as a result, the Universe has provided in more ways than one.

Reach for the stars, dream big and then ACT on it.  When you do, your wishes really do come true!

Love & hugs,

Amalia xx


Psychic readings….

So as it has it, I am being guided to offer psychic readings.  (The universe never fails to surprise me, well sometimes it does)….  This is something that I have been doing my whole life.  As a young teen I had my own tarot cards and would sit on the floor in my bedroom and read for my family members, it never ceased to amaze me how accurate the readings would be, there would be family members in tears and shock in front of me as I would be speaking and providing them with answers to their questions.  As a child, I would always be visited by spirits that had passed over, wanting to reach out to someone that could see them and pass on their message for them.  As an adult I continue to use my gifts in my healings, courses and everyday life.

So I am now offering 1 hour in person psychic readings!  And as a result of this, I would like to offer a special deal for the month of March for 1 hour in person readings.

For the first 3 people only to book in for the month of March for a psychic reading, it will be only $30 for the 1 hour duration.

For the next 3 people only to book in for the month of March for a psychic reading, it will be only $50 for the 1 hour duration.

Once these 6 sessions are booked out, the 1 hour psychic readings will revert to $100.

If you are looking for answers, clarity or guidance, then take advantage of this amazingly discounted rate and book in early to ensure you don’t miss out on this March special offer!

Email:  Phone:  0419 376 238


Embracing 2014 with open arms

I am so excited about 2014!  Are you?  It is only January 15th and I have my goals set out for 2014, they are clear, specific and achievable.  I have cleared and let go of what no longer serves me and am ready to receive, with open arms.  I am open to new experiences and adventure and I embrace all that is required for my highest good.  2014 will be another year of living outside of my comfort zone (which is not always easy), but I cannot imagine living my life any other way anymore.  Living this way makes me feel alive, I feel like I am living in this world instead of just being in this world.  And I will always choose to live in this world.

What are your goals for 2014, have you put things into action to reach those goals?  If not, why not?  What is holding you back?  You can choose to live the life you want, at any given moment.  Make 2014 your year!  Spread your wings and fly!


Spread your wings and fly